About JagJive

JagJive is the home of the events organised up until 2018 by the lovely John and Karen Miller.

John and Karen have now moved to Portugal. They asked us to take over the running of the Bookham events, and we have agreed. These events are something special, and we’d love to continue them, we hope we have your support in this.

It’s been a privilege to work with John and Karen over the past few years, and to see the care and attention they and their helpers pour into each event. If you’ve not been involved in running events, you can’t imagine the amount of hard work needed behind the scenes to make them successful, and John and Karen have worked wonders each time. From the floor quality to the room layout to the music videos, they keep working hard each evening to ensure we all have a great time.

So we are excited and honoured to be asked to take this on. Nobody can replace the quality of service and commitment both John and Karen have put into the Bookham events over many years. But we hope that we can continue their tradition, whilst adding some of our values to each event.

We are still working out our full 2019 dates or timescales, and we will keep all the information on this site. We plan to continue with the standard formats, both for the monthly Jive/Tango events, and the quarterly Tango-only events.

John and Karen have passed on their legacy to us, and we’re very honoured to be able to continue on with their traditions. We hope to provide events that are every bit as good as those from John and Karen.

We are also hoping to get the occasional Guest SuperStar DJ visit from John Miller, when they get bored of their stunning villa and want to join us for a weekend. In the meantime, please send us any ideas, thoughts, and suggestions, we want to work this change out together.